2014 Wedding Flower Trends We Love

As we look forward to this years wedding season it is fun to see what is trending.  Here are some of our flower favorites that might be a trend now but in our book are always a classic.

1.  Lush, Romantic Flowers-- As you might guess this is one of our favorite trends this year.  Spilling over with more petals the better.  Think peonies and garden roses...

2.  Traditional Romantic Settings--With the movie the Great Gatsby who can resist romantic flowers of days gone by.   With a hint of formality, this tailored trend never goes out of style. 

3.  Garland--garland trailing down long tables, along bar tops, around doorways, really anywhere, adds a sumptuous touch.  We are excited anytime we have a reason to use garland.  

4. Pink--The quintessential feminine romantic color.  Pink is beautiful, innocent, and refreshing.