present inspiration

Photograph: Catherine G. Damewood, Purveyors of Fine Florals & Design

Photograph: Catherine G. Damewood, Purveyors of Fine Florals & Design

Just like what we do for our clients, I try to weave a story and create an experience with everything I do.   This holds true for even the simple act of gift-giving; with a little thought and imagination, a small gift can be made memorable for years to come!

Catherine's birthday gift this year had many layers.  It all started with a beautiful card that I had in my stationary stockpile.  It was always meant for Catherine, my little Pisces sister, but it was only a matter of finding the right time to give it to her. With this special card in hand a story with many intricately woven themes began to be told.

The card was aqua blue with a brunette mermaid on it. The aqua on the card reminded me of birthdays past.  While growing up, our mother always avoided using gift bags or wrapping paper, especially for our birthdays.  Instead we would be presented with a stack of beautiful, hand-painted Italian paper boxes tied with ribbon.  While looking through my wrapping paper I found a gift bag that was reminiscent of these same Italian paper boxes.  And even better, they were an aqua blue to match the card!  

The themes continued to be layer on.  With water and Italy on my mind, I had the perfect gifts to fill my bag--a LifeFactory glass water bottle, and two Italian inlaid picture frames (just some of my recent favorite finds!). I know it seems a bit backwards to have the wrapping and card first, before finding the present, but it seemed to work out.  Knowing Catherine’s experiences, she was sure to find the packaging to be just as meaningful as what was inside.

Whether it is with our work, or in our personal lives, we thread together an experience that goes beyond the surface.  What’s your inspiration?